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Meet Jamile Mafi

As a small child it became clear that my dreams were filled with messages trying to find the light of day—that the things I saw and heard were not necessarily heard or seen by others.  I have always played at the level of the soul, the place that is invisible to most, the place where our deep wounds hide.

My personal journey to accept this gift was a long road. At times, I prayed that my clairvoyant visions be taken away, wanting to become ignorant of the pain and trauma around me. I spent three decades studying different metaphysical practices. In 2005, I was diagnosed with mercury poisoning. I knew that this illness was more than just a physical issue. It was a soul wound and was connected to my struggle to come to terms with my psychic abilities. After a year of traditional Western medicine, I had the opportunity to work with a shaman trained in an ancient form of healing from the Andes. After my first session with this shaman, I experienced a deep and rapid transformation. At that moment, I knew I had found the answer, and that this healing modality was my soul’s calling. I understood that by using my innate gifts to uncover a hidden soul wound, I could help facilitate personal healing, transformation and growth in others.

I have traveled the world, studying with many renowned healers to further develop my personal language of the soul. I primarily focus on chakra clearing, energetic extractions, soul retrieval and destiny retrieval. I work with clients to assist them in building self trust and to reconnect with their soul’s voice by energetically clearing out what is no longer serving them. I teach my clients how to embrace their shadow side without judgment, learn to play again and experience abundance in all areas of their lives. I believe that everything can be magical.

Graduate of Alberto Villoldo’s renowned Healing the Light Body of The Four Winds Society

Trained directly with the Q’ero of Peru, the Jungle Shamans of the Amazon and the Mapuchi Medicine Women of Chile.

Completed the 5 part series in The Pachakuti-Mesa Tradition: Cross Cultural Shamanic Arts for personal and planetary renewal.

Crystalline Consciousness Facilitator (transmit multi-dimensional crystalline healing frequencies to others)

Fletcher Pilates Instructor
KRI Certified Instructor of Kundalini Yoga