Flaming HeartFlaming Heart


Breath. Move. Heal.

Fletcher Pilates + Shamanic Journey

3 Part Series
April 23    May 7    May 21

3:00 pm to 5:30 pm
$150 Anyi Exchange

We will begin each afternoon with a Sacred Sharing Circle to tap into the collective energy of the group.

Then we will begin exploring our physical bodies with the use of Fletcher Pilates.®  We will discover why breathing is so important to moving and why moving is so important to our spiritual practice. Through the use of Fletcher Towelwork®  we will be able to see how we are standing in this world. With this new awareness, we will explore how we are holding onto things energetically in our bodies.

We will end the afternoon with a Guided Shamanic Journey to experience a direct connection with your guides.

Through this unique combination of movement and shamanic journeying deep healing and transformation
can happen.

Registration Closes Monday April 17th at Midnight


Step into Spring with a Despacho Ceremony

Sunday March 19th, 2017 • 3:00pm – 6:00pm


$25 Ayni Exchange

Private Residence in Burbank, CA
(will be provided upon registration)

I know this is last minute, but I just got home from Iceland. The land of fire and ice. The land of pure, raw energy. The land where winter is dark and spring is glorious. I am answering Spirit’s call and offering a community Despacho.

Let go of the things that no longer serve you
Honor the shifts you are calling into your life
Celebrate and nourish your dreams

Together we will build a living breathing mandala that allows us to heal on multiple levels. A Despacho is a sacred Peruvian ceremony of gratitude and appreciation from the Andes. By restoring our connections, we re-align to who we truly are and how we want to walk in this world. We will plant the energetic seeds for what we are calling into our lives. At the end, we offer the Despacho as a gift to spirit.

We will work with the energies of Pachamama (Earth), the Apus (Mountain Spirits,) the Chaska Kunas (Star Brothers & Sisters), the Yacu (Water Spirits), Mama Cocha (Mother Sea), Inti (Father Sun/Devine Masculine), Mama Killa (Mother Moon/Devine Feminine) and all our ancestors (Blood and Land). Most important, we will do all of this with Munay (love).

What to bring
A capped bottle/container for water
Pillow for floor sitting if you wish
Clothes for outdoor and indoor
A snack to share for after ceremony





The Shamans Way of Seeing: Navigating the Invisible World

Facilitated by Melinda Allec and Jamile Mafi

September 21-21, 2013 Space for 10 Students moon_n               Location: location given upon registration Time: Sat. 10-6pm Sun.10-5pm *please arrive early we will start promptly at 10:00 am Cost: Early Bird Registration before August 14, 2013: $225 After: August 14, 2013: $275.00 Registration closes on Sept 15 or when class is full • Women and men welcome!! • Bring a journal and sacred objects for the altar. • Bring a potluck dish for lunch Sat and Sunday • Please make your choices wisely and with commitment- there will be no transfers or refunds. Description: We will be focusing on developing a relationship with and navigating the Invisible World. Both Melinda and Jamile will bring their years of experience to this wonderful 2 day workshop. Melinda has been able to see inside her body for years and realizes this is a map that can easily be taught. Jamile has been interacting with the Invisible World since birth. She will share her innate knowledge of lucid dreaming and sensory tracking skills. The Invisible World resides within you. We are offering to share with you what we have developed naturally and has been enhanced by our work with our wonderful and deeply honored teachers. Many changes are taking place on the planet right now and it is beneficial to have a clear understanding of the information that is becoming more readily available to us. Program will cover the following:

Developing the Seers Rites from the Munay-Ki

Bands of Power: Strengthening & Developing our Energetic Filters

Developing/StrengtheningTracking Skills

Learning to See the Invisible World

Re Animating Nature



Smudge Readings

Note: Seers Rites and Bands of Power will be installed for those who have not received the Munay-Ki

About the Presenters:

Melinda Allec: Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner holds multiple certifications including The Four Winds Society: Healing the Lightbody School, Institute of Energy Medicine, Science of Mind: Holmes Institute, Angel Therapy Practitioner and international study in South America. As a Modern Medicine Woman who has received initiatory rites directly from the Q’ero (direct descendants of the Inka high Shamans) in Peru, the Machi Medicine Women in Chile, and the Jungle Shaman in the Amazon, Melinda has traveled extensively, studied intensely and fallen in love with the Earth along the way. Melinda specializes in helping people release their suffering and experience of lack and transform their lives through energy medicine, conscious creation techniques, and destiny retrieval. Her current delight has been participating in ceremony with Maria Yraceburu. Specializing in Shadow Work (healing the identification with that which we wish we weren’t) she draws upon her direct experience received in her Near Death Experience and journey to the Bardo Planes. To see her amazing before and after photos go to:http://melindaallec.com/About.php Jamile Mafi: As an intuitive shamanic healer, Jamile helps people step beyond life’s roadblocks to allow their hearts to soar. As a small child it became clear that her dreams were filled with messages of guidance—that the things she saw and heard were not heard or seen by others. Jamile has always played at the level of the soul, the place where our deep wounds hide. The struggle to accept this innate gift manifested into physical illness. Searching out alternatives to Western medicine led Jamile to work and study with many renowned healers around the world. By using her natural gifts to track and uncover a soul wound, she is able to assist her clients in building self trust, reconnecting with their soul’s voice and opening up their vision for personal healing, transformation and growth. A graduate of The Four Winds Society, Healing the Light Body. Jamile has sat in ceremony and recieved direct initiations from Q’ero of Peru, the Jungle Shamans of the Amazon, the Mapuchi Medicine Women of Chile and Aravel/Crystalline Consciousness. To register please follow link below and scroll down to the bottom to find paypal button. http://www.audioacrobat.com/note/CQSc3mxs/