Flaming Heart HealingFlaming Heart Healing

People often ask “What do you do?”

Now you might think this would be a simple question to answer,
but it really isn’t.

This isn’t like getting a car wash or ordering dinner at your favorite restaurant. Every session is different and is guided by Spirit. I want to make something very clear — there is no good or bad energy. Energy is either heavy or light—that’s it. Spirit doesn’t judge your journey nor do I.

Together we will work on releasing old energetic patterns that no longer serve you. It’s like getting a software upgrade. By working on the energetic, we are able to inform the soul which informs the mind which informs the body.

The tools in my toolbox include:

Illumination/Chakra clearing:
This is a process where imprints/triggers are cleared out of the Luminous Energy Body.

Heavy energy can attach itself to an individual. This can result in a physical ailment, mental disorder or maybe you just feel funky. This heavy energy needs to be returned back to its proper home which allows for physical and energetic balance to be restored.

Soul Retrieval:
A powerful process where I help my client find and reintegrate a lost piece of their own soul which usually went into hiding due to a traumatic event.

Death Rites:
Sometimes we have bits and pieces of souls that are attached to us that need a little bit of help. In this process I help them cross to the other side.

Destiny Retrieval:
This is offered only after foundation healing work has been achieved. This process aligns an individual with their highest destiny rather than their probable destiny.

House/Office/Land Clearing:
One of my specialties is the ability to track, access and clear out heavy energy that has lodged itself in a particular location. Yes, I am a modern day ghost buster.

Despacho Ceremony:
This is an Andean tradition of building a prayer bundle that helps realign and manifest rapid transformation. It can be used for all sorts of life stages (births, new business, new relationship, coming into right understanding of any challenge)

Munay-Ki Transmissions

I am also a Dying Consciously volunteer