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Healing Session Testimonials


Jamile is an amazing intuitive healer. She works energetically with your guides and hers to help co-create with you a more alive and balanced system. Her insights and her abilities to see the patterns of depletion and imbalance help inform her work and she uses this insight with energetic tools to shift the system into an aligned state of being. She is my “Go to now” Healer when I’m feeling depleted, depressed or confused about my life journey. A treat on all levels of being. Run don’t walk…She is the real deal!
Kelli, Venice CA

With each phone session, I truly treasure my time with Jamile. For me, it’s like being warmly embraced by an Angel. Her genuine compassion, wisdom and mastery have been of great support in my continued journey to self-realization and wholeness. For anyone wishing to move beyond various obstacles in their life and embody more radiance, joy and peace, I highly recommend Jamile. She is the real deal with a beautiful heart of love.
Julie, Minneapolis MN

We have all been doing healing work on ourselves, but there are these hard to reach places in ourselves, where you truly need the help and expertise of another in order to truly heal.

Finding that person can be a challenge – until I found Jamile. I have been fortunate to have several sessions with Jamile, and each one has been unique and deeply transformational. The way she carries herself is the ultimate in kindness, and the depth of her knowledge, schooling and innate healing talent is a rare combination. She is professional, kind, expresses genuine care and concern, and most importantly, her healing treatments are swift and superbly effective. I recommend her eagerly to anyone wanting to experience personal transformation.
Liz, Venice CA

I have been treating with Jamile at Flaming Heart Healing since 2009 when I was diagnosed with Stage 3, Grade 3 breast cancer.

Her healing practice has assisted me emotionally, physically, and mentally in ways I had never expected. Transforming me into a much more peaceful, self-assured and courageous woman. She has helped me come to terms with fears related to my cancer treatment as well as energetic healing from my past. She has helped me to realize and release heavy energies that could cause illness and has coached me on retraining my thought patterns.

I continue to work with Jamile in order to maintain the peace and physical healing I have come to know and relish.
Annmari, Burbank  CA

Jamile is a powerful and gifted Shaman. She has helped me put things in perspective.. She teaches and shows her clients how to cope and get deep within. Anyone would benefit from a session with this wise soul.
Susana., San Diego  Ca

Jamile’s thoughtfulness and mindfulness creates a secure sense of trust. Allowing for healing, introspection and self awareness. Her intuition to read situations is uncanny allowing her to pinpoint a path for healing. I felt very comfortable with Jamile, especially since I had never done anything like this before. Jamile is kind and compassionate with your well being and the center of her practice.
Robert, Los Angeles  CA

Every session with Jamile has been cathartic.  I can’t describe the process, but I always feel happier, lighter and energetically charged in the days following a session with her.  Often, Jamile encapsulates what I need by giving me “homework” that always involves something that I was desperately missing – it’s funny and perfect how she always orders up what I need or what was not giving myself.  I can’t wait for my next session – we should all have this kind of spiritual support regularly.
Christina, Highland Park  CA


Class Testimonials

LOVE Love LOVED it!!! Thank you Jamile Mafi & Melinda Allec for holding us all in such sacred space all weekend. Your work is instrumental in my soul journey. Gracias Mamas!!!
Susana, San Diego CA

Love, play, learn, experience, laugh, community, let go, fill up…a very wonderful way to spend a weekend.
Zach, Long Beach  CA

The entire weekend was amazing.
Blanca, Fullerton CA